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Is your company network slow? Is your productivity suffering? Look no further than Point Man Technology.

We are a local support solution in Evansville, Indiana with your success as our #1 priority!
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  • FEATURING: Point Man Complete Support

    Point Man offers a 100% fixed monthly fee for UNLIMITED IT Support. We are the first to bring this program to our hometown of Evansville, and we continue to be the best in the market. This includes unheard of benefits, such as a thirty day no-penalty out, plus unlimited service, projects, backups, and more!

  • Network Support

    Technology always comes with ups and downs. As smart business owners, we love how quick and easy our jobs are when it works correctly, but what about when it doesn’t? If you have experienced the stress of a malfunctioning system, then you will love our network support services! Our team will cover any network equipment issues, application updates, and unforeseen system failures that may come your way. Our network support is second to none when it comes time to get you back on track to success.

  • Network Security

    Are you concerned about the safety of your network? In the modern digital age, it is important to protect our business networks with an internal security audit to prevent malicious viral attacks from a wide range of thieves and malcontents. Recent studies show that one in five small businesses have experienced breaches, stolen data, or other security failures. We are here to ensure that doesn’t happen to you! It is our goal to keep your network secure and your machines running at peak efficiency.

  • Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

    When business data becomes compromised, it puts a huge halt on productivity that can ultimately result in loss of clients. Our services guarantee recovery of that data to allow your business to thrive and grow with minimum interruption. Our data backup and disaster recovery will enable your company to plan for unexpected issues as well as reduce wait time on the system recovery process. No matter your business size, backup and recovery are extremely important for your network. Sleep peacefully at night knowing that your livelihood is secure in our state-of-the-art storage facilities.

  • Computer Support

  • Technical Support

    Sometimes extra, problem-focused help is necessary. Our team understands that not everyone is tech-savvy, and we are happy to provide some friendly, easy-to-understand IT support. Whether in person or remote, we can work with our customers one-on-one to contribute quick remedies that are easy to apply.

  • Hardware

    There comes a time in every business where the technology and equipment become outdated. As one of our services, we make sure that happens as little as possible. Buying new hardware will put a significant dent in your bottom line, so we want to set you up with operating systems that will last! As business owners, we know that our clients will not pay for inferior product, so why should we settle for less?

  • Project Management

    Our project management services help organizations manage the technologies that set them ahead of the competition. With this resource, businesses can count on precise planning and budgeting with the assistance of an IT guide. Invest your hard earned dollars on the equipment you need for success!

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